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Having Capital Gains from sale of property or need to claim tax relief under Section 89? File your return with Tax Planner experts.

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Where total income includes gain/loss on sale of house property, land, Investment in shares, etc.

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About This Plan

Select this plan if you have incurred a profit or a loss from sale of stocks or mutual funds or house property in addition to salary income. This plan is not for intra-day or derivative traders.

Services Covered

Tax filing for individuals with capital gains, ESOP or salary arrears. E filing of form 10e.
Expert Assisted Tax Filing.
Business Hours Expert Support – Email and Phone

Who Should Buy

Salaried Employees with ESOP in domestic companies.
Salaried Employees/non salaried individuals with Capital Gains from Property/Stock.
PSU Employees with salary arrears under OROP, 6th Pay. Commission


Documents To Be Submitted

Each property following details

Stamp duty value of property

Cost of acquisition as on 1-4-2001

Cost of improvement if any with date

Amount invested in bonds, another house property with date of investment

Address of Property

Name/Names of purchasers with % share of purchase

Sale of equity oriented Listed securities

Date of Acquisition

Date of Sale

Cost of Acquisition

Value of Sale

ISIN of Security if date if acquisition before 1-2-2018


Frequently Asked Questions

What income am I taxed for?

Your income is not equal to your salary. You could earn income from several other sources other than your salary income. Your total income, according to the Income Tax Department, could be from house property, profit or loss from selling stocks or from interest on a savings account or on fixed deposits. All these numbers get added up to become your gross income.

Income from Salary: All the money you receive while rendering your job as a result of an employment contract. find all details here:

Income from House Property: Income from house property you own; property can be self-occupied or rented out.

Income from other sources: Income accrued from Fixed Deposits and Savings Account come under this head.

Income from Capital Gains: Income earned from sale of a capital asset, say mutual funds or house property.

Income from business and profession: Income/loss arising as a result of carrying on a business or profession. Freelancers income come under this head.

What is TDS shown in my payslip?

Your employer deducts tax from your salary and pays it to the I-T Department on your behalf. It’s called TDS. TDS is tax deducted at source.

Your employer cuts a portion of your salary every month and pays it to the Income Tax Department on your behalf.

Based on your total salary for the whole year and your investments in tax-saving products, your employer determines how much TDS has to be cut from your salary each month.

For a salaried employee, TDS forms a major portion of an employee’s income tax payment.

Your employer will provide you with a TDS certificate called Form 16 typically around June or July showing you how much tax was deducted each month.

What is Form 16?

Form 16 is essentially a certificate issued by employers to their employees.

It provides a validation that TDS has been deducted and deposited with the government authorities on behalf of the employee

It gives a detailed summary of the salary paid to the employee and the TDS amount deducted on the same.

What is Basic Salary?

This is a fixed component in your paycheck and forms the basis of other portions of your salary, hence the name.

For instance, HRA is defined as a percentage (as per the company’s discretion) of this basic salary.

Your PF is deducted at 12% of your basic salary. It is usually a large portion of your total salary.

Can I file a revised return to correct a mistake in original return filed?

Yes, return can be revised within a period of one year from the end of the relevant assessment year or before completion of the assessment whichever is earlier.

Filing of revised return is not part of the plan.

Plan buyer is required to provide full and accurate details to avoid the need for any rectification in the originally filed return.

What is the cancellation / refund policy?

Refund is applicable only if no Experthas been assigned on the Expert’se, for detailed policy please visit our terms of use

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