TDS Return on Salary Payment (Form 24Q)

TDS return on Salary Payment (Form 24Q) .

TDS Return on Salary Payment


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This plan enables you to file your quarterly TDS returns related to all specified payments along with salary where TDS is required to be deducted and return is required to be filed via Form 24Q without any hassles. A delay in filing the returns attracts interest and penalty levied by the Tax Department, hence, it is important to pay TDS within the due date and subsequent return filing is equally important

Services Covered

Registration on TRACES

Form 24Q upto 50 deductions (1 no.)

Generation of Form 16

How It's Done

This plan is equipped with end-to-end online fulfillment via our expert. No hassle, 100% Digital.

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TDS Return on Salary Payment (Form 24Q)

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Aadhaar card

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